The pictures below are available as prints in editions of 250.

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Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins  series

Bar, Croatia

I shot this picture in an abandoned school in Croatia. It shows a detailed view of the bar that was located in the atrium of the main building and was supposed to be the student’s life place. It was actually a communist political school, built in 1970 and used until 1990 when it suffered the burst of Yugoslavia. A prime minister got out of this school.

There was not much to shoot in this place, an empty gymnasium, a dark theater, but this overgrown bar was worth the trip by itself. I realized this shot on my first trip to former Yugoslavia in summer 2016. During this solo journey, I started in Budapest and covered 5500 km across what are today Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia. This place was one of the highlights of my trip and this picture is still one of my favorites ever in my Naturalia series.

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Winter garden, France

This winter garden is part of a large mansion in a small village in rural France. The mansion’s domain is quite large also and includes a few other buildings. Even if it may look different on the picture, everything was quite recent and not long abandoned so this room is the only one I shot there. I shot every possible angles though! Of course, the trip was worth it just for that winter garden, especially with the morning light of January. It is a winter garden after all!

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Warehouse, Taiwan

This warehouse is part of an abandoned sawmill. It is so overgrown that it is hard to tell if it was used for production or just storage. Anyway, once the work place of almost 2000 workers, the facility is now home of tens of monkeys that scared the hell out of me when they started banging on what is left of the roof.

I shot this picture during my travel to Taiwan at the end of 2017. During that trip, I shot as much abandoned places as classic touristical places. This country was a great discovery for me, I will especially remember the night markets where we went to have diner almost every day. Those markets were actually a great photographic subject too!

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Hotel, Portugal

This is the only part left of a beautiful hotel located in a small town in Portugal. A few months before, there was still the main building with the rooms but I arrived too late and it had been demolished. This dining room shows how magnificent that hotel was. Even that part has its days counted as it is slowly collapsing. There is no roof anymore behind where I am standing.

I realized this shot during a 10-day solo trip to Portugal. I shot a few beauties during this trip including this dining room that has everything I like: decay, colors, nature… This trip ended with a 3-day visit of the city of Porto that I did not know at the time. I like to take advantage of being abroad to not only visit abandoned places but also make a bit of normal tourism!

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Reservoir, Taiwan

Another shot I made during my trip to Taiwan. It is supposed to be an oil reservoir that is no longer in use. Behind that door was a whole system of valves and pipes.  I guess the reservoir itself was beneath the ground behind. I had to climb a high fence to get there. This exploration was very strange as the compound where this reservoir is located seemed to be used by some kind of association. Even though it was a Monday I saw no one. Maybe it opens only on weekends… Sometimes you need to have luck on your side to make a shot.

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Theater, Abkhazia

This shot is from my second trip to Russia when I also went to the unrecognized state of Abkhazia. The region self-proclaimed its independence from Georgia almost three decades ago, right after the fall of USSR. And after quite an atrocious war… While driving with my two friends we noticed this place, quite far away on a hill, that clearly seemed abandoned and promising. When entering, I had no way to guess that it was a theater. Even if there were no more chairs, the main room was beautiful thanks to the high level of decay, textures and colors. As we were back in car and leaving, I noticed that outside wall of the theater. It struke me right away, so I got out of the car and shot it. That palm tree in front of such an overgrown wall, good light, and above all, that window and small balcony on the right, looked just great to me. This is my favorite shot of that place, certainly of that day too, and maybe even of the whole trip! Unexpected finds along the road always have a special taste…

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Winter garden, France II

This is the second print from this beautiful place. The first one was a success and I think that this picture is even better. Actually when I posted it on social networks, I never had this much engagement ever.

You will find a bit more about it above, in front of the first print.

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Gymnasium, Abkhazia

This is the first close-up picture I offer as a print. To be able to “say something” a close-up has to be strong and I think that this one is. The image shows a small part of the walls of a gymnasium in Abkhazia. When I saw those countless blue hues, moss growing everywhere and those two shoots of ivy climbing up that wall, I was thrilled. If you add the slight touch of peeling paint, this picture really gets the job done. I hope you will like it as much as I do!

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Greenhouse, Belgium

This image shows a beautiful 19th century greenhouse that has been added to an 18th century castle. It is part of my Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins series since its first days. It also shows the second step of the reclaiming process by Nature: infiltration, that comes once She took over the outsides. We are here at an advanced stage of infiltration, but can still feel all its subtlety.

I found a Rolls-Royce in the garden of this castle. Nature does not care about what she has to reclaim, and the reasons it has been abandoned. When Man leaves something, Nature comes back and takes it back. Even the richest creations of Man will be reclaimed if He does not take care of them.

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Castle, Montenegro

Another picture from my first trip to the Balkans in Summer 2016. When I travel, I prepare the itinerary as much as possible and find locations to shoot beforehand from home. I discovered this castle by chance on the road going from one abandoned place to another. It was finally a very nice discovery as, four years later, this picture is still part of my top 20 that I use for photo contests.  I particularly like this image for a reason that can barely be seen: we find the sea on the other side of the windows.

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The Lost World  series

Hotel, Japan

I shot this picture during an 18-day trip to Japan in September 2018. I made this trip with my good friend Nicolas with whom I did not only visit abandoned places but also did some classic tourism as it was my first time in Japan. We spent a few days in Tokyo and visited several cities like Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as a few interesting landmarks like the Miyajima Torii or the Kokoen garden in Himeji that I loved.

This hotel is located on the southern coast of Japan not so far from Kobe-Osaka. It was one of the highlights of the trip as this hotel had a few interesting rooms to shoot but also a beautiful bar that will certainly be one of my future prints. It was a 5-storey building and this roof was actually on the second floor right above the bar. With big typhoons in this area and stagnating water on that roof, I am pretty sure that it will soon collapse.

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Hotel, Japan II

I shot this picture at the same location that the one above showing a flooded roof and a sea view. This bar is actually located right below that roof. To me, there is everything I need to make a good picture: colors, geometry, decay and even a light touch of nature coming back if you look well. Right behind me, there was another area that was more the lounge part of this bar. It was as beautiful as this one with its beautiful blue sofas and chandeliers. But this is another story…

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Villa, Italy

Located on the outskirts of a small town in Piedmont, the origins of this villa date back to the 15th century. It was successively the residence of many counts and marquis, one of whom gave it its current form in the 17th century. It has been abandoned since the late 1950s.

Italy is full of this kind of wonders and I try to go there once a year to photograph my last abandoned discoveries. I visited this villa during my 2019 trip. It is huge and beautiful so I think I will present you one or two other prints from this place.

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Villa, Germany

I took this picture during my second trip to Germany in August 2015. Located right in the middle of the country, in a very small town, this place remains to this day one of my favorite explorations. This room is part of a large house, the ground floor of which served as a medical office. During my visit, the two operating rooms were still equipped with all the equipment. The two upper floors served as accommodation for the doctor and his family.

Many photos from this place are still today among my favorites: the master bedroom with its animal skin at the foot of the bed and the falling wallpaper, the pink-toned living room with a beautiful grand piano, but mostly this room that stands out. It has everything I love and evokes a lot in me. First of all the many lines, of the shelves and the ceiling in particular, create a structure that I like very much. The mirror, the open trunk, the large window which opens onto the light and the vegetation add enormously. This door which the viewer does not know where it leads also brings mystery. And of course, the chair! who invites you to take a book and sit …

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Palace, Portugal

This palace, located in the center of Lisbon, dates from the second half of the 18th century. It is hard to know its history but I could find that is has been bought by the state of Portugal in the twenties and then classified as “Building of Public Interest”. It has been sold several times since year 2005 for various real estate projects including a luxury hotel. None of them went through and it has been more or less abandoned for a few decades. It is now in renovation and it looks like they want to restore it to its former glory without any commercial interest.

I could write a few pages about that visit and that whole day but to make it short, here is the story behind the shot:

I went there very early because the entrance was supposed to be hard and in a passing street. I had booked a hotel a few blocks away so I just had a few minutes’ walk to get there.

Indeed, the entrance was complicated as I had to climb a 2-meter wall above which was installed a 2-meter metal fence with a small hole. It was the end of June, and even at that early hour, the temperature was already high. I had to climb with my backpack and a big tripod, pass through the hole and jump to the other side. As I was alone, I had to do that with all my gear and very quickly not to be spotted. I did, but I made a lot of noise (I am 1m85 and 95 kilos and that hole was very small!!) and I cut my hand quite badly on the metal.

Once in the backyard, I thought I was in for good but I arrived in front of a grating that also had to be climbed. Fortunately a bit more easily. Then, finally inside the building, I found myself in some kind of workers changing room. I did not know the place was being renovated so I hoped I was not going to find scaffoldings inside the main hall… That picture would not have looked the same right?? It was a weekday so I guessed that workers could arrive at any time. I made a few shots quite quickly for around thirty minutes: that one, the same in landscape format and a bottom view of the beautiful ceiling from the ground floor. I was dripping with sweat when I heard keys opening the main entrance door of the building. Hopefully I was already on the ground floor.  I ran to the changing room, put my gear in the bag, fold the tripod, climb the grating and run to the wall, at the bottom of the hole. There, I hid behind bushes.

Then someone arrived in the backyard and acted like he was looking for someone. I thought I made too much noise running away so I just “surrendered” before being found and told the guy that I had just climbed the wall and wanted to take pictures inside the building. He told me that the place was too dangerous, in renovation and escorted me to the front door. Good news, I did not get in any trouble and mostly, I did not have to climb that wall again! I went back to the hotel and took care of my hand. I already had 5 days of solo exploration in the legs, knew Lisbon from a previous trip and liked it a lot, so I decided that the rest of the day would be dedicated to classic tourism in the city. That day, I made a few street photos that are among my favorites ever. Having shot a place I had in mind for years that very morning, it was like I was on a cloud all day. The beer I had on Praça do Comércio helped.

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Hotel, Abkhazia

Another shot from my Abkhazian trip. I realize while selecting the pictures for prints that this trip was highly productive in terms of quality photographs. This hotel is unfinished and its skeleton structure gives all the power to the picture. I love the lines, the geometry and the sun that lights everything. The building was fifty meters away from the sea, perpendicular to it. Due to the orientation of the rooms, each one was supposed to have a sea view. Fun fact, a dozen cows were grazing at that bottom of the hotel when I was there shooting.

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Villa, Italy II

I took this photo in the same villa as the pink staircase proposed a few weeks ago. I warned you there will be more prints from this location! This room, which is not really one, is actually located right above this staircase and it is the glass floor in the middle of the balustrade that illuminates it. Usually, I don’t like having light streaks in my photos, but in this case, I love it. The impression of a second window increases the opening to the outside, airs the photo and makes it brighter.

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Baikonur  series

Baikonur I

I shot this picture during what is to this day my most amazing adventure. I infiltrated the Cosmodrome of Baikonur, an active site where rocket launches often take place, walked 20 km through the desert, by night with a 22 kg backpack. I slept three nights in abandoned hangars before coming back and walk again 20km by night. During this trip, I could shoot two abandoned space shuttles in a hangar and an abandoned rocket in another hangar. The story behind this picture, both the Soviet Space Program and my expedition to get there, are told in detail in my book: Baïkonour/Baikonur available in French and English.

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Baikonur II

The first print from the Baikonur series was a success, so here is a second one!

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Chernobyl  series

Chernobyl I

I have been selling prints for about six months, at a pace of about two a month. I thought it was time to offer one from my Chernobyl series. As of this writing, I have visited the Chernobyl exclusion zone seven times. Now I am even taking groups there, and I was supposed to go back three times this year before the coronavirus episode started.

Obviously I have thousands of photos of the whole region but I chose this one for several reasons. The first one is of course the dramatic aspect of the sky, which barely lets the rays of the sun through. Then comes the essential, the subject: two of the most emblematic buildings of downtown Pripyat seen from the former Hotel Polissia, another major place of the now ghost town. The emblem of the Communist Party of the USSR can be seen on the roof of the building on the left. Out of frame on the right, on an identical building, one can find the very similar emblem of the Communist Party of Ukraine. On the roof of the central building still stand the following words: « LET THE ATOM BE A WORKER NOT A SOLDIER ». Pripyat was built in 1970, at the height of the Cold War, at a time when for three decades the atom has been used mostly for weapons-related works. Another use is of course energy, here used in the neighboring nuclear power plant called « V.I. Lenin NPP ».

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