Located in western Germany, these structures seem straight out of a science fiction movie. There are 24 of them, but they are only horticultural greenhouses.

The site once belonged to the neighboring monastery. In 1985, it was sold to an institute specializing in helping the long-term unemployed. In 1987, the institute built the complex which then became part of a reintegration program to provide training in commercial gardening to unemployed workers, thus enabling them to find new jobs.

The complex has 24 greenhouses, each in the shape of a dome made up of pentagonal and hexagonal glass panels. During my visit, there were still tables and shelves on which the flower pots were placed inside certain domes. I also discovered an automatic heating and humidification system to create and maintain ideal conditions for plants throughout the year, especially during the winter months.

The site was abandoned in 2005 for some reason. In 2010, the land was sold to the city and we could then hope for a better future for these incredible greenhouses.

Unfortunately, in 2019 they suffered a partial demolition and today only five remain.