I made a first visit to this sanatorium in September 2021. I found two things that I really liked: a beautiful stairwell with beautiful blue glass tiles and this small room. I do not know what its function was. This building on the mountainside overlooked one of the beautiful lakes of the North of the country but this kind of loggia, yet very beautiful, overlooked the back. Anyway, it seems that his last function was to store chairs! During this first visit, there were twice as many, along the entire length of the room.

Unfortunately, as with all the last places visited during this trip, a material damage prevented me from taking a good wide-angle photo. The wide angle was here a sine qua non condition to capture the essence of the room. Indeed, to be able to show this framing, I had to position myself in the door frame, with the tripod in the back room.

I went back in November 2022. I was very apprehensive about this visit because I know that these places have their own lives. They can be barricaded, demolished, monitored overnight. So from one year to the next… I really wanted to redo this photo, so I hoped that it would always be perfectly abandoned. If you see this picture, it is because this second visit was a success!

So there were half as many chairs… Go find out why! I told you that these places had their own lives… This sight amputated of a few chairs initially disappointed me, but in the end, I prefer it. It removes a symmetry that I did not necessarily like and lightens the photo.