From The Day After the burst of USSR until today three decades later, people has been living in former communist countries among relics from communist times.

I traveled most of what used to be USSR and all of former Yugoslavia and I have been impressed to see those people evolving among those relics. The attitudes can be very different, from the curious making a selfie in front of a Lenin statue, to the indifferent commuters that go to work, through the angry ones making nasty signs.

We could say that with time, most of what remains from USSR will disappear but that would maybe reveal to be presumptuous. In one hand it has already started in Ukraine with the decommunization law of 2015 upon which almost all Lenin statues have been knocked down. But on the other hand, the city of Novovoronej in Russia plans to erect a statue of Stalin.

The current Russian government attitude is clearly to reassemble some kind of modern day USSR and to expand as it is the case in Eastern Ukraine, Crimea, Abkhazia and South Ossetia for example. Who knows where that will lead us?

With political protests mostly confined in major cities, it happens that 66 percent of the Russian population is nostalgic about USSR.

Maybe this series is just a glimpse at The Day Before…

This series has been shot in 52 cities of 20 countries.

2016 – ongoing