Text by Amélie Gressier

“Windows, by a calculated game, reflected them endlessly. […] The world stopped to look at them.” Emile Zola, Au Bonheur des Dames

We don’t have a face. We are neither quite inside, nor totally outside. Without the city, we don’t exist. Without us, she would be flatter.  She would be too flat.

We are facing her. We watch her. She does not know it.

Between us, a few millimeters of transparency, and you. You that are us. Same height, same shape, same volume. A face on top of that. Eyes to see and to watch. See the city, and watch us.

But sometimes, it’s the opposite. And then, we watch the city together. You step aside, like that, slighty shifted, not to block us the view, and you see her aslant, sometimes blurry, skewed, at the limits of abstract. You distort perspective. You sense the city differently, you consider her your way, but when you turn around, she is there again, made of trees, stone and iron, buses and cars, men and women. Of you.

You should lend us your face. Just for a time. So that we too, we could change perspective. To turn the city around, and discover her some other way.

The series has been shot in 28 cities in 18 countries.

2016 – ongoing

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