• Hardcover – 240 pages
  • Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
  • Language: English
  • Size: 30.2cm x 21.6cm
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908211613

Released in March 2018 under Jonathan Jimenez

Préface by Alain SCHNAPP
French historian and archeologist
Author of many books related to ruins
Professor emeritus of Greek archeology at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University
Former director of the History of Art and Archeology department of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University
Former director of the National Institute of History of Art (Institut national d’histoire de l’art – INHA)

A word from the editor:

Naturalia is a curated collection of images showcasing abandoned places reclaimed by nature. Ornate country mansions, luxury modernist designer homes, stone churches, farm holdings, factories, institutions, private homes, train stations, planes, cars, tanks, trains, palatial courtyards, spaces of work and play, life and death, all in the vivid processes of reclamation. A wide range of architectural styles from classical to hyper-modern are pictured in the grip of wild, resurgent nature.

A word from the author:

I travel the world in search of abandoned places. Over time, I have increasingly focused on what appears to be the most powerful element in this vast theme of abandonment: places taken over by Nature. It is poetic, almost magical, to see it creeping through broken windows and cracks, gradually taking back the spaces built and then abandoned by Man until they are almost completely swallowed up. This book contains 226 pictures shot in 14 countries.

« Beautiful photos of nature in abandoned places around the world. » National Geographic

« Naturalia est une série où la nature reprend ses droits avec une beauté saisissante, presque apaisante. » Fubiz

« Jonk lleva más de una década viajando por el mundo y fotografiando aquellos sitios abandonados donde la naturaleza ha terminado imponiéndose a la mano del hombre. Sus instantáneas, de una belleza excepcional, han dado lugar a un libro llamado Naturalia. » 20 minutos

« Abandoned to disuse, nature slowly reclaims man-made spaces. This inevitable process is captured in a series of breathtaking photos which showcase the slow but unstoppable process of nature. » DailyMail

« Stunning pictures from all over the world have just been released as part of Jonk’s new book that showcases nature in the process of reclaiming man-made spaces. »  Lonely Planet

« Jonk is a master of his craft. With his photographs of deserted places, he has placed himself in this fashion niche of lost-places photography at the top of the world. »  Stern

« Naturalia features the oddly invigorating spectacle of nature creeping in and taking over what man has long forgotten. » Vice

« Stunning pictures show Mother Nature ‘reclaiming’ abandoned sites across the globe. » Mirror

« Jonk écume le globe depuis une quinzaine d’années à la recherche du cliché parfait. Avec le temps, après avoir fait un pas dans le street-art et l’urbex, il s’est rapproché d’un sujet qui constitue aujourd’hui le fil rouge de son œuvre: la réappropriation par la Nature des lieux créés par l’Homme. Son livre photo, Naturalia compile une centaine de clichés sublimes dédiés à ce thème. » Le Figaro

« Naturalia is packed with incredible photos of places where the natural world has swallowed up places we abandoned.  » New York Post

« Ao P3, o fotógrafo francês conta que visitou cerca de 1500 lugares abandonados em quase 50 países de quatro continentes para nos recordar que “a natureza é sempre mais forte” e que, “independentemente do que possa acontecer à humanidade, ela permanecerá”. Naturalia pretende assumir a função de despertador de consciências. Porque coloca questões fundamentais: “Qual é o papel da humanidade no mundo e de que forma deve relacionar-se com a natureza?” » Publico P3

« 法国摄影师 Jonk,想必早已熟知这“人为与自然”之间的互换哲学,无数个春秋他沉迷“废墟”不可自拔,他寻遍4大洲33个国家700多个废墟,完成作品《自然世界:大自然的回收之道》。在这些名为“废墟”的地方,他拍下了生机盎然,这是废弃建筑物与大自然共同完成的“重生合唱” » WeChat

« Naturalia, un superbe projet photo mêlant urbex et nature. » Pixelistes

« Someone remembers Plutarch, someone quotes Berthold Brecht, but all agree on one thing: Jonk began a new direction in modern environmental photography – a documentary photograph of how nature takes away what once belonged to her. » Ecology.expert

« Stavolta la fotografia di Jonk si tinge di verde e al posto delle sole macerie, assistiamo alla rinascita della vita sulle rovine delle costruzioni dell’uomo. Uno spettacolo commovente che ci mostra quanto la natura sia più forte di ogni cosa e di quanto possa essere tanto forte da riprendere possesso di luoghi in cui per lungo tempo è stata tenuta a bada. » Dailybest.it

« Quand la nature reprend ses droits, envahissant petit à petit les lieux abandonnés par l’Homme, une série de photographies envoûtantes et poétiques. » Africa News

« Jonk’s works have a largely ecological message: they show the triumph of nature over man. » Label Magazine

« Победителем международного фотоконкурса Earth Photo, который проводится в Великобритании, стал проект Джонатана Хименеса, фотографировавшего заброшенные здания по всему миру. Организаторы говорят, что эти снимки прекрасно иллюстрируют основную идею конкурса Earth Photo, пытающегося продемонстрировать проблемы сосуществования человека с природой на Земле. »BBC Russia

« This body of work gathers fragments of stories of human environments ‘taken back by nature’. While the images from all over the world have vivid clarity they also warp the viewers’ perceptions of time and change. They serve as a mournful commentary on the twentieth century – the era of the ‘Great Acceleration’ – but there is also something hopeful in the vivid evidence of the patient and robust capacities of the non-human world to re-cover. » Joe Smith, Director of the Royal Geographical Society

« Jonk’s compelling photographs represent a high degree of skill and vision, while exemplifying the duality of human co-existence with nature. » Marissa Roth, Pulitzer-Prize-winning photojournalist, Jury Committee Chair of Earth Photo 2020

« Người chiến thắng chung cuộc của cuộc thi là nhiếp ảnh gia người Pháp Jonathan Jimenez, được biến đến với biệt danh Jonk, với một loạt các bức tranh về các tòa nhà bỏ hoang. Bức ảnh “Quán cà phê” của Jimenez khiến người xem liên tưởng đến vị trí của con người trên Trái đất. » Vietnamnet

« Stunning Award-Winning Photos of Spaces Reclaimed by Nature. » Vice

« La naturaleza abriéndose camino ganadora del concurso de foto Earth Photo 2020. Bellas a la vez que desgarradoras, las imágenes de este concurso buscan la reflexión entorno del comportamiento humano y sus consecuencias en la naturaleza. » La Vanguardia

« A stunning series of nature reclaiming abandoned ruins has just won the Earth Photo competition for 2020. 35-year-old Parisian photographer Jonk has just been announced as the winner of the Earth Photo 2020 competition. Jonk’s photo series, Coffee Shop, Abkhazia; Hotel, Portugal; Swimming Pool, Italy and Theater, Abkhazia, which showcases the extraordinary resilience of nature, won the overall competition and well as the Place category. » Happymag.tv

« Thought-provoking photos top the international competition by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society. A stunning series of photos featuring nature reclaiming building abandoned by civilization has scooped the top honors at Earth Photo 2020 – an international photographic competition jointly developed by Forestry England and the Royal Geographical Society. Earth Photo 2020 is envisioned by the organizers as a way to better understand the world through the disciplines of the environment and geography. And this idea was best encapsulated by photographer Jonk, and his headline image ‘Coffee Shop, Abkhazia’, securing the top spot in the Place Category as well as the Overall Winner award. » Digitalcameraworld.com

« Indagare il rapporto tra uomo e natura, offrendo uno sguardo inedito sulle relazioni spesso conflittuali tra le persone e il loro ecosistema. Trae spunto da queste premesse il concorso fotografico Earth Photo. A ricevere il riconoscimento, quest’anno, è stato il fotografo Jonk. Osservando le immagini vincitrici, le intenzioni alla base del concorso sembrano spiccare al meglio. Obiettivo della rassegna è infatti offrire un’occasione per riflettere sui danni arrecati dall’uomo alla natura, troppo spesso relegata a uno spazio marginale e costretta a “indietreggiare” di fronte alle crescenti richieste di terreno causate dalle attività produttive umane. Le immagini di Jonk, indubbiamente di forte impatto, mostrano alberi e piante alla conquista di edifici e strutture abbandonate. »  Sky Arte

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